We Should Have Seen The Signs…

Sex & The City - Post-feminist? Or post-PC?

Much as political correctness (PC) may irritate some people – and the media always seems to be griping about it – it is absolutely necessary in modern society, and to ensure some level of equality.  PC has ensured that most people can see the BNP for the racist thugs that they are, despite all their rhetoric to the contrary, but it seems that perhaps PC has resulted in a backlash of late, and this is now a period of post-political correctness, if such a thing exists.

Somehow we missed the warning signs, and there have been plenty of them, but PC is under serious threat, and this could be potentially dangerous.  The fact that misogyny has made a comeback hasn’t been lost on a number of feminists – in fact one doesn’t have to look hard to find it; second-rate comedians have been upping the ante on that for a while, with their oh-so-clever remarks about Kerry Katona, pram-faces and the like. 

Furthermore, how are women served by the Sex And The City (new film out soon)?  The aim of SATC seems to be to trivialise the female gender as shopaholics who are only interested in shoes, younger men and marrying Mr. Right (a story-line reminiscent of the 1950s I think).  This may be only be a bit of fun (far bit from me to be a kill-joy) and this image obviously works well for business-minded millionaires like Sarah Jessica Parker, but I don’t see it working on a practical level for any working (or none-working) woman trying to make ends meet.  It simply makes women look ridiculous.  Did the suffragettes have SATC in mind when they chained themselves to the railings all those years ago?  I think not somehow.  And who on earth thought it was a good idea to market pole-dancing as a way for women to keep fit?  Hustler magazine?  Being a man, how should I know?  I’m just surprised that whoever did that seemed to get away with it.

Jeremy Kyle - TV's own Emporer Nero

Feminism seems to be an ongoing battle, but so is the class-war it seems.  Why have we let the media loose on words like ‘chav’?  It seems to have inched its way into everyday conversation but that fact remains that it is a derogatory term for people who live on council estates, therefore, it should not be acceptable to use it.  Nevertheless, lots of people who need to be more politically aware use it frequently; ‘chavs’ have become the punch-line of way too many jokes.  Substitute the word for the term of ‘council-estate trash’ and it’s not so funny – in fact it becomes transparently offensive.  And this is part of a larger debate; we now see ordinary people being paraded on modern-day Springeresque freak-shows on day-time television, and even prime-time, to satisfy the morbid curiosity of the cackling classes; it seems as though the working-classes are the acceptable butt of the joke, nowadays.  How was this ever allowed to happen?  Shouldn’t we try to improve people’s lives rather than make them a laughing stock?  Most of the guests on these shows are probably from backgrounds where unemployment has been the norm for at least three generations of their family, not to mention those of everybody they know.  Do they deserve to be pilloried for this, or do they deserve to be given greater opportunities in life?

And this isn’t all.  Every last one the major political parties during the last General Election tried to exploit the immigration issue for votes – this is potentially very dangerous, particularly since the ConDems have now proposed ‘capping’ immigration from non-EU territories (despite the LibDems opposition to it during their campaign).  This would be bad enough without the media’s constant amping up of anti-Moslem feelings, allied with their use of words like ‘illegals flooding the country’ etc.   Politicians who exploit these sentiments should be castigated because they are behaving irresponsibly; most people are aware of the BNP’s racism, but other political parties should be scrutinised too – this ConDem proposal looks like a racist policy to me; if it isn’t, it is certainly exploiting racist sentiments.

Political Correctness protects us all – make no mistake.  The people who complain the loudest about it are those who have the most to gain by undermining it.  Why do you think the media complain about too many people attending university?  Because they don’t want the working-classes to be educated – they want us to be duped by their misinformation and infotainment; without PC and the equality it brings with it, we may be excluded from Higher Education.  We should protect political correctness, it serves us all.


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