David Cameron’s Artificial Utopia

Thomas More - Is David Cameron his natural heir? Nah...

Famously Margaret Thatcher declared that there was no such thing as society, but now her progeny David Cameron claims that it not only exists, but it is a BIG SOCIETY.  He knows this because he assures us it’s his BIG SOCIETY.

In his speech Cameron told us that there already numerous things happening in his BIG SOCIETY; people doing voluntary work with the disabled, the homeless, young people – all admirable initiatives, but what he didn’t tell us was how any of this hadn’t anything to do with his Government.  Speaking for myself, I have done lots of voluntary work in the past, but I don’t recall the Conservative Party helping out all that much – indeed, they were more of a hindrance.  The organisations I have worked with are – without exception – all pretty worried by the policies the Government are announcing, and it is in rather poor taste that Cameron is trying to take credit for their work while cutting their budgets.

There will be much written about the BIG SOCIETY, and much of it will be in far more detail than I will go into here, but being an opinionated bore I thought I’d add my voice anyway.  What I take issue with the most is that the Conservative Party did a lot to undermine and destroy many communities throughout the country when they were last in office.  For example, who can forget what they did to the mining communities and the way they casually deindustrialised the North without putting anything in place to compensate.  Being a Liverpudlian I can remember all of this very well and I doubt many welcomed Cameron’s visit here yesterday (as for Phil Redmond, he is hardly renowned for presenting the city in a positive way). 

Furthermore, who can take Cameron’s artificially utopian ideas seriously?  Where is the detail?  Where is the finance to enable all of these initiatives to happen?  Who is going to incentivise people who have been marginalised in communities?  Who is going to educate such people about taking their role in active citizenship?  Does David Cameron care about any of this or is it just a woolly-minded scheme to gain headlines?

When I look at David Cameron I do not see a natural heir to Thomas More, I see an opportunistic, entitled politician clutching at straws.  This is a government dismantling the NHS, ruining state education, destroying the Welfare State – it is extremely ideological and it needs to be stopped. 

The BIG SOCIETY needs to get rid of David Cameron and his unelected Tory coalition.


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