Tory 2010 – The Politics Of Cruelty

David Cameron - Triumph Of The Wilt

We are living in a state of emergency.  Make no mistake about it, this is not an exaggeration.  This Conservative administration has no mandate and they are clearly unfit to govern. 

David Cameron is a PM with no leadership skills; his pitiful attempts at ‘straight-talking’ are dangerous and yet more evidence of him being out of his depth.  All of the policies he announces show a callous disregard for those who were not born into privilege and are ideologically childish.  This is macho politics at its worst, a worship of ‘necessary hardness’ and cruelty.  Cameron’s politics will result in disastrous shrivelling of the state to fulfil some ideological fantasy, and it will be the citizens of the UK who will pay. 

It goes without saying that the poor and disadvantaged will suffer the most, but unlike previous Tory governments, this one appears to have little regard for the middle-classes either.  There are 22 millionaires in Cameron’s cabinet and an overwhelming presence of those born into wealth.  These are people with no respect for those who need to work for a living, and will not hesitate to hurt them.  There seems to be a contest in this government to dream up more cruel and unusual policies.

For example, child’s tax credits and family allowance – both under threat.  These are safeguards against children being starved and often the only money women can rely on (even in middle-class homes).  Can we call ourselves a civilised society when such human rights are taken away?  And who does it serve when Theresa May fails to comprehend that other women may be under threat from their violent ex-partners?  Is she on the side of the abuser?  Yet more evidence of this government’s incompetence.

It took hundreds of years for this country to build a free basic universal education system, and Michael Gove is already threatening its existence.   Academy schools will be run by private interests, religious fundamentalists and there is no guarantee that they will be any good, universally free or simply serve the interests of privately-owned corporations.  Perhaps I’m missing the point…  perhaps, Michael Gove doesn’t care.  He doesn’t even seem to be sure who is supporting his bill, or where it will be implemented.  He is another incompetent.  And what Gove is doing to the education, Andrew Lansley will do to the NHS because he is just as inept.

George Osborne may be gloating about his horrific budget, about how tough it is and how radical it is, but it will not be in force until January.  This of course gives his wealthy friends time to ready themselves to opportunistically buy up any public assets that are stripped away, small businesses that go bankrupt and buy the houses of working families made homeless.  These wealthy friends will undoubtedly thank him, but this government will become the most hated in modern history and not only by the working classes – the middle-classes will hate it too.  George Osborne is also an incompetent.

We can’t afford to wait until the damage is already done.  If David Cameron wants a Big Society, let’s give him a Big Society.  We all need to join together to create a Big Society to remove this government ‘by any means necessary’.   This really is a state of emergency.  This government clearly has no respect for the rights of ordinary people, and if someone threatens to take your rights away you need to fight back.  This government needs to be removed from parliament and discredited.  There is power in numbers. There is power in a Big Society.


6 thoughts on “Tory 2010 – The Politics Of Cruelty

  1. This government needs to be removed? By force?
    Isn’t that a bit tyrannical? Both members of the Coalition said they’d remove child tax credits and family allowance.
    Also what would you replace the government with? An unelected labour government that has neither the will or the mandate of the people?
    Labour lost. Deal.

    • This government is forcing through legislation it has no mandate for and is being utterly irresponsible. The Conservative party did not get a majority despite the overwhelming support of the media, newspapers, etc and so they have no right to behave in this way. We are in effect being held ransom by the wealthy, who do not – by and large – even have the decency to pay their taxes. There needs to another General Election and soon, because this government is unfit to govern and making the UK look like a laughing stock.

  2. Just a thought, if there was another General Election called tomorrow, wouldn’t the tories get a majority given their lead in the polls and the demise of the Liberal Democrats?

  3. Your analysis is spot on. He makes up major policy changes affecting hundreds of thousands of council tenants at a Q&A session. He has little grasp of our history and is day by day treating the Lib Dems as the Lackeys they are for his ideological vandalism!

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