Who Are The Real Class Warriors?

During the General Election, David Cameron accused Gordon Brown of using the language of the class war.  What has emerged since is that there are two sides to class war.

Personally I think that it is only natural that a government with a front-bench mostly composed of white, upper-middle class males have a lot to prove.  Certainly the government doesn’t in the slightest bit resemble society in the twenty-first century.  Surely it is only right and fitting that there should be an open debate about how they can claim to accurately represent the people of the UK.

I wouldn’t bring this up but the government’s policies seem to indicate that they are engaged in a class-war against anybody who has to work for a living:

1)  Want your kids to go to university?  Sorry, they can’t because you can’t afford it.

2)  Want Child Benefit?  Sorry you can’t have it because we, as millionaires, have decided that you have too much money.

3)  Want a decent school for your children to go to?  Sorry, tough luck unless you pay for it.

4)  Where’s that school you were promised?  Michael Gove doesn’t think your children are important enough.

5)  Want disability benefit? Sorry, you’re not disabled enough.

6)  Can’t find a job?  Tough luck, you live in the North.

7)  Where are your public services?  Sorry you live in a part of the country that didn’t vote for us.

8)  Want to keep your job? Hard luck, you work in the unprofitable public-sector and/or it contributes nothing to the GDP.

9)  Want to keep that roof over your head?  Sorry, we’re going to sell off your council house.

10) The NHS?  We’ve decided that Labour wasted money on it and it’s no longer practical.

The list goes on. 

My feeling is that, who are these people to treat the electorate this way?  Add all of these policies to the right-wing and misleading language of ‘benefit cheats’ and ‘illegals’, and their true aims are clear.  This is revenge for their 13 year exile from Government – it is as petty and spiteful as that.  For that reason, we need to remove this government from office – and mark my words we will in 5 years.  Once we succeed in that we have to make sure these anachronistic con-artists are never allowed in government again, and this time we need to do the job correctly.


3 thoughts on “Who Are The Real Class Warriors?

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  2. Great post and very apt.

    If only we didn’t have to wait 5 years to get them out, I shudder to think what state the country will be in by then.

  3. God we have to put up with Nadine Dorries for another 5 years. What a disgrace this MP is and from my home town. Marriage breaker without doubt ! She had NO need to announce this relationship. Don’t you want to throw up when she says —-She saw John standing in the light and knew everything had changed !! Announced in the Guardian someone told me that she was having a romatic relationship with Tim Montgomerie ( very young compared to her )
    A little bird who knows her from way back said Oh yes she always goes where there is money and to think she supported Mrs Butler once and the woman confided all her marriage secrets to her.
    I know a number of my muckers in Liverpool think she should be stood down now as she has done nothing as an MP except have an obsession with seeing herself in the news.
    This latest though is the last gasp ! Disgusted

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