Politics & Religion – A Dangerous Combination

Frank Field MP

Religion ought to be a personal matter, a matter of choice, and although many religions have a lot of commonalities, they also clash on a number of issues.  In the twenty-first century, we are a comparatively liberal society, but it has taken a great deal of work, and much bloodletting, to get us to this point.

I must declare at this juncture that as an atheist I don’t have a religion, but respect people’s right to choose their own faith.  I believe that in a tolerant society that is the way it should be.

Despite having the so-called ‘Spirit Lords’ in the House of Lords, our parliament is, by and large, secular and certainly our laws purport to be.  However, every now and then, religion creeps into the debate.

This is happening at this very moment.  Once again, women’s right to choose to have an abortion is being called into question.  This time it is being rebranded as a “Health Bill”, as women’s “Right to Know”.  Implicit in the proposed Bill, is the accusation that Marie Stopes and similar organisations have counsellors who “promote abortion” to pregnant women and that counselling should be provided by “independent” bodies.  The Guardian has a number of theories about who these “independent” bodies would be.

The two main protagonists behind this latest attempt to change the Abortion Act are the increasingly notorious Conservative MP Nadine Dorries and that well-known ray-of-sunshine, Labour MP Frank Field.  Both of these MPs would probably deny their religious views are behind the Bill but they seem to have taken a great deal of inspiration from the conservative and Christian movement of the USA in the way the Bill has been worded and presented to the House.  Furthermore, some months ago David Cameron already hinted that he would support lowering the legal-limit of the time-period of abortions (there was actually discussion of this during the last Labour government).  Thus, it looks like this time the fundamentalists might win.

Nadine Dorries MP

Am I wrong to think that religion has no place in politics or law-making?  Reason and the facts alone should decide how we are governed, not the chosen faith of individual MPs.  Abortion is a complicated issue and those who seek to simplify it on the basis of what the bible (or other religious text) says, are undermining advances society has made through intellect and tolerance of others.  Because that is as that the root of all of this – not the debate about when ‘life’ starts, nor the state of mind of women after having an abortion.  Marie Stopes and similar charities/non-profit-making organisations acknowledge all of those issues.  This Bill is about people who believe that they have access to some essential “truth” that only they, and others who share their belief, have.

For a woman to have an abortion, it is a hard and drastic decision; something that should be HER decision and not anybody else’s.  Putting more barriers in the way is cruel and inexcusable – no matter how holy the MPs responsible feel they are.


One thought on “Politics & Religion – A Dangerous Combination

  1. Nadine Dorries is above all an attention seeker. I know of her nursing days. My friend is married to a Surgeon and he was astonished at her fantasy nursing stories ie a baby in a bed pan and Dorries said to the Dr I am going for the crash team (A) 19yrs old an RN would not dare to order a Doctor around. Hand Of Hope fantasy story . This MP has caused an outcry by people who knew her even before nursing. Not once has she given thought to many Prem Babies later in childhood\adulthood can have serious health problems. Prem Babies lungs\heart is not developed with Prem Babies. I myself knew a Doctor who knew her and was tempted to write to David Cameron re her Abortion statement’s.
    And can anyone take this MP seriously who can tell on Video on her return from OZ ( not to use that I’m A celebrity to reach people re Policies ) but for pure attention and greed.
    On Video to the media she said—-“The Chief Whip had not suspended me, neither does he want to see me in his Office. So she can lie so easily !! Connected it appears to a religious sect that left a lot to be desired.
    Mid Beds people do NOT want her as their MP and a number of ex Poms from Liverpool where to contact the Chief Whip re her behaviour on a number of issues. Much of her time spent writing for The Sun\A Famous Magazine\Conservatives At Home\her personal life, what her 3 daughter’s are doing, and “yet another man in her life” Mid Beds people are now more than eager to see her go ASAP.
    The photo shoot with Tatler where she was standing ON TOP of a table was very embarrassing. More embarrassing was at the Pool in 5 star Hotel almost showing ALL of her breast’s. And her arrogance is now just too much. This woman has become notorious alas with writing over 70% fiction and people from Liverpool can prove this. Her hero she once said was Jesus ! and fake tan ! but her behaviour with affair’s with married men and on going New Men In Her Life ( for a while ) one has to ask where her Christian values really sit?
    Let us hope she will be stood down soon. Her present hobby horse is I Love Boris and want him for PM !!
    What do other readers think ?

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