Some issues are beyond debate

Although on the whole I try be polite, there are some issues that I now refuse to debate with people.  In the 21st century some of these should be a matter of simple morality:

1)    A person who uses the term ‘benefit cheat’ is either a bigot or a scoundrel; it’s as simple as that.  And of course they always have some anecdotal piece of ‘evidence’ to support their view.  Of course people should – if able – work for a living and I doubt anybody is arguing otherwise, but there is a trade-off here; is there any employment available and, if there is, is it suitable?  The people who shout the loudest about ‘benefit cheats’ would never dream of taking the kind of work they expect the unemployed to take, with little or absolutely no reward.  All jobs should pay a living-wage, because – after all – they are expected to live on it.  Business people who say they can’t afford to pay a living wage have no right to call themselves business people.  Until you agree that everybody deserves a living-wage don’t criticise the unemployed.  Furthermore, those who claim that the disabled are ‘benefit cheats’ don’t even deserve to call themselves human-beings.

2)    Profit-making has no place in education.  I would add to this that I don’t believe in private or public school education.  I have yet to hear a counter-argument that isn’t elitist or self-serving.  Ban private/public school education tomorrow and state schools would improve dramatically.  Our current system breeds inequality and should have no place in our society.

3)    Profit-making has no place in health.  Why should one person have better healthcare than another and why should a third person make a profit from it?  Why do I have to hear justifications for this?  There is no justification; there is just greed, pure and simple.  This is another example of the festering inequality in our society and the selfishness that drives it.

4)    Wealthy people should pay their taxes.  People who live in, work in, make money out of the UK should pay their fair share of taxes, unless they don’t earn enough.  Don’t tell me that ‘I had to leave the UK because Labour brought in 50% taxes’, because I won’t sympathise with you.  If you are in that tax-bracket, pay your way, because people who earn much less than you have to (if I had my way you’d being paying more).  Also, being a tight-fisted megalomaniac doesn’t qualify you to describe yourself as a Libertarian.

5)    Our system is outmoded, archaic and serves only a minority of people.  This is not a Democracy.

If you find my views here offensive, feel free to unfollow me.


One thought on “Some issues are beyond debate

  1. Can I just say what a comfort to discover someone who truly understands what they are discussing over
    the internet. You certainly understand how to bring an issue to light and make it important.
    More and more people have to check this out and understand this side
    of the story. I was surprised you aren’t more popular since you definitely have the gift.

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